Fox's Pizza Den

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I opened a pizza shop 5 years ago. Before opening, I thoroughly researched and looked at several POS systems. I decided to purchase the Maitre’D POS system from Cash Control Business Systems. Maitre’D has served all of my needs here at the shop and I am very happy with my decision. Even more importantly, the owners of Cash Control, Dave and Mark, along with the entire crew at Cash Control have been wonderful to work with. Setup of the program, training on the system, and the continued customer service and support has been great. I highly recommend Cash Control and Maitre’D.
Kay Esposito
Owner, Fox’s Pizza Den
Ellisville, MO

Stefanina's Pizzeria and Restaurant

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We have been customers and friends with the good people at Cash Control for over 12 years, and have had great service since day 1. When we decided to install a POS system in our family’s restaurant, we had many choices. We look at other systems, but the Maitre ‘D system fit our needs. We had an extensive menu, that included take out and delivery. They were patient and worked with us to design the system to fit our needs. Never did they try to force us to change our methods to fit a one size fits all POS.

Through the years, we have expanded to four carryout and delivery locations. We have stayed with Maitre‘D POS at all of the stores. All of our Stefanina’s stores are still family owned and operated, and that is why we are comfortable with Cash Control. They too are independent, locally owned and when you call, you can talk to the owners. As I stated, they have become friends as well as vendors.

They have provided us with all of the updates necessary to continue to grow our business. We are most pleased to participate in their maintenance program.

To sum it all up, we are strong supporters of Cash Control. We highly recommend them if you are looking to purchase a POS system or in need of someone for supplies and service. All of the service techs have proven to be knowledgeable and have been easy to work with. I know if I have a question or an issue with my system, they will work with me in a timely manor to get it answered. Anyone in the business knows how important it is to receive a fast response!

If anyone would like to call me, I would be glad to discuss the merits of having a vendor like Cash Control. I can be reached at the number below.


Bill LaBeaume
Stefanina’s Pizzeria and Restaurant Inc
Stefanina’s Express

Malone's Grill & Pub

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We've used Cash Control to install and maintain a total of 5 Maitre’D POS Systems since 1997 and have received not only good initial installations but also excellent customer service and repair in the years since. They understand restaurants and bars and what is needed for a full-featured POS system and they make it happen. Their support staff is quick in responding, even on weekends, and they are good at fixing the problem the first time. And reasonably priced too! I'd recommend Cash Control to anybody who wants a real POS system that will enhance their restaurant's smooth (and accountable) business operations.
D. C. Atkins Jr.
Malone's Grill & Pub
St. Louis  MO

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