Clearing Out FSC School Balances

This year there will only be two basic options for clearing balances:
Option 1) Clear Everything
Option 2) Clear the balances but leave the student names and id numbers.
TAKE A BACKUP AND SAVE IT TO OUR FTP. Also in report center run the receivables (total) by name AND receivables (total) by number report, then save it into the backup folder and copy to the ftp so we have a hard copy of student's records
Once reports have been saved into same folder as the Maitre'd backup, then copy that folder to our FTP under F:\Customer Backups 2012\FSC
Now that everything has been properly backed up, open the Database module. If they are clearing everything, then you can simply select File > New > 49 (which is the transactions file) and then File > New > 27 (the customer A/R file)
If they want to keep the student names and numbers then you still select File > New > 49, but then additionally Fields > Set Fields
You will set fields three times for file 27: for fields 8, 9, and 12 (keeping the value at 0)

Inline image 1
After that check remove delete link list for files 27 and 49

Once this is done, perform the btree reconstruction, receivables reconstruction, and so on. Now open A/R module and check to make sure the balances were properly cleared.
Finally, open System Config > Tools > Date Control and set the new dates for the start and end of this school year (using the current day as the start of year)